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You Only Know The Name

Produced by DEREK HAMES
Recorded and Mixed by JOHN SHELTON
Digital Editing by DEREK HAMES and JOHN SHELTON
All Songs Recorded, Edited, and Mixed at EDGEWATER STUDIOS (Sugar Land, TX)
Mastered by JOHN MORAN
BRIANA ADAMS – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
JOHN SHELTON – Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
MARK RIDDELL – Bass Guitar
DEREK HAMES – Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Hammond Organ, Percussion
WILL VAN HORN – Pedal Steel


You Only Know The Name

She’s not exactly a rebel, but with her musical mashup of Waylon, Skynyrd, and Janis Joplin, you could be forgiven for thinking she is. In reality, Texas singer/songwriter Briana Adams is a sweet-natured Southern crooner that really just wants to share her music with the world.

Her songs are a honky tonk acid trip of classic dancehall and 70’s outlaw country rolled into a tight-knit package, all headlined by a big Texas voice and an unmistakable style that’s all her own. And if you catch a little twist of blues and rock’n’ roll in the vocal, that’s not by accident. Growing up in a small Texas town like Winchester, that’s the way country music is done!

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